ZETA DLMS-Terminal

Article number: SWL-DLMS11

ZETA DLMS terminal allows communication according to DLMS / COSEM (IEC 62056) with all DLMS / COSEM compliant devices:

  • IEC Mode E       (IEC 62056-21)
  • HDLC                (IEC 62056-46)
  • DLMS Wrapper  (IEC 62056-47)

The connection to the device is possible via the following interfaces:

  • All ZETA USB Interfaces (Optical Interface, RS-485, M-Bus Mini-Master, M-Bus Slave, CS Active, CS Passive)
  • Serial interfaces
  • Virtual COM ports
  • modem connection
  • TCP/IP connection
Operating system requirements

ZETA DLMS terminal runs on Windows® XP and higher, including Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) and required

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is automatically downloaded and installed by the setup program as needed.
The current ZETA USB drivers are also installed by the setup program if desired.

To install the above components, administrator rights are required.

Automatic processes with scripts

ZETA DLMS terminal allows the execution of command scripts. The script files are written in a simple programming language and enable the fully automatic execution
of all supported DLMS commands.

The built-in script recorder allows the automatic creation of command scripts.

Update to current version

Download the following setup file to update your installed and licensed ZETA DLMS terminal to the latest version.

Alternatively, you can also use the integrated update function in the DLMS terminal under Help> Check for update.

Administrator rights are required to install the software.


  • Updated ZETA DLMS terminal 2011 to version v3.0.14.13 dated 07.05.2013 (including updated USB drivers) 3.1 MB


  • Updated ZETA DLMS terminal 2013 to version v3.1.0.65 dated 27/02/2014 (including updated USB driver) 3.1 MB​​​​​​​
ZETA DLMS-Terminal demo version

Upon request, a fully functional demo version of the ZETA DLMS terminal is available for download. Use the contact form.

Limitations of the demo version:

  • The term is limited to 15 days

Administrator rights are required to install the software.