Software platform ZETA testMate

ZETA testMate is the software platform for automated production and test procedures. testMate is suitable for single station as well as for multiple stations.

With ZETA testMate you can easily and flexibly create and execute special test procedures for laboratory, calbibration, final inspection as well as service and repair in addition to fully automatic test sequences for series production. 

testMate Framework

testMate Framework is a software framework for the implementation of applications in the field of apparatus testing and firmware testing. It is implemented as a program library for Microsoft® .NET Framework.

Application-specific tests and functions are implemented in so-called test modules as a .NET Framework program library. Test functions are controlled and executed by test scripts.

  • Automatic integration of device drivers in the device system and in the test script interpreter
  • Automatic integration of test modules in the test module system and in the test script interpreter
  • Configuration of the device drivers and test modules via XML files.
  • Test plan interpreter for processing test scripts
  • Firmware test: parallel test procedures
  • Interface for database
  • Interface for Statemaschine
  • Interface for user interface
  • Process Data logging